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Savage realms raid/pvp


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Hello! My name is Riddaren, I am here to tell you about my favourit raid/pvp server!


So, if you are not familliar with raid/pvp gameplay, I can tell you this: Raiding is basicly blowing up other persons bases with TnT, and take their stuff. PvP is when you kill other persons to take what they are carrying. These 2 are the best things in the whole Minecraft IMO, and there is only 1 problem... it is hard to find a good server. So, I finaly found savage though, and it have the perfect setup! It have everything, Classes for pvp, Events where you can win stuff, good and active staff, you can break obsidian with TnT, and no base is unraidable. They also have great donor ranks, and they usualy have contests in wich you can WIN donation perks!!! It is wicked, right?! You can donate without really donating!


So, if you and your pals want to have a fun, and try to become the best, join this server. This is nothing for people who just want to be safe, live in a wooden house and only mine, this is for those who are hardcore. Accept losses, brag about victorys, gain enemys and allies that will help you in your way to glory and crush your enemies.


Join now! Ip is - pvp.savagerealms.net


Here is a trailer of Savage realms made by Zsamjk -

- fun fact: He won 40$ in donation prize for making this trailer.


I hope to see you soon!


-Love Ridd

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