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Incompatible LootConditions? (1.16.X) [Solved]


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I have a loot modifier that updates all loot tables to drop specific items when using certain tools. Or at least I thought it did. It works on blocks, but not for entities. However I've tested it with the condition "killed_by_player" and that works for entities, the problem is testing these conditions together fails:

  "type": "mod_id:my_modifier",
  "conditions": [
      "condition": "minecraft:match_tool",
      "predicate": {
        "tag": "mod_id:my_tools"
      "condition": "minecraft:killed_by_player"

So then I tried creating a custom ILootCondition, which registered fine but still failed:

public class MatchToolKilledByPlayer implements ILootCondition {
    private final ItemPredicate predicate;

    public MatchToolKilledByPlayer(ItemPredicate predicate) {
        this.predicate = predicate;

    public LootConditionType getType() {
        return new LootConditionType(new MatchToolKilledByPlayer.Serializer());

    public Set<LootParameter<?>> getReferencedContextParams() {
        return ImmutableSet.of(LootParameters.TOOL, LootParameters.LAST_DAMAGE_PLAYER);

    public boolean test(LootContext p_test_1_) {
        ItemStack itemstack = p_test_1_.getParamOrNull(LootParameters.TOOL);
        return itemstack != null && this.predicate.matches(itemstack) && p_test_1_.hasParam(LootParameters.LAST_DAMAGE_PLAYER);

    public static class Serializer implements ILootSerializer<MatchToolKilledByPlayer> {
        public void serialize(JsonObject p_230424_1_, MatchToolKilledByPlayer p_230424_2_, JsonSerializationContext p_230424_3_) {
            p_230424_1_.add("predicate", p_230424_2_.predicate.serializeToJson());

        public MatchToolKilledByPlayer deserialize(JsonObject p_230423_1_, JsonDeserializationContext p_230423_2_) {
            ItemPredicate predicate = ItemPredicate.fromJson(p_230423_1_.get("predicate"));
            return new MatchToolKilledByPlayer(predicate);


If anyone has advice I'd be very appreciative.

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