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  1. Here's the class for attempt 1. For attempt 2 I've also tried assigning random UUID's and/or random modifier names for each item instance, but they still remain linked.
  2. Hi MadAlchemist, if you open the AbstractZombieModel class, you can see that the following controls the arms-out zombie pose: public void setupAnim(T p_225597_1_, float p_225597_2_, float p_225597_3_, float p_225597_4_, float p_225597_5_, float p_225597_6_) { super.setupAnim(p_225597_1_, p_225597_2_, p_225597_3_, p_225597_4_, p_225597_5_, p_225597_6_); ModelHelper.animateZombieArms(this.leftArm, this.rightArm, this.isAggressive(p_225597_1_), this.attackTime, p_225597_4_); } public abstract boolean isAggressive(T p_212850_1_); So the easiest way to apply this to a player mod
  3. 1) For this your best bet is to create a LivingAttackEvent and/or LivingDamageEvent to check the damage received, and also check if the player is wearing your armor. Both events have values for source and amount that can help you determine what to do from a "lethal" attack. 2) What you describe would most easily be enacted as a repair item for your armor, like how the phantom membrane restores elytra. Then each time the durability (or a special durability) is repaired by anvil or crafting, you can increment an NBT value to count how many times it's been repaired. 3) I would take a lo
  4. From this post, I've modified the original armor attribute of my custom item. The biggest change between that post and now is that the attribute multimap is immutable, so it needs to be copied to a mutable map, adjusted, and then copied to an immutable one again. Normally it would be easier to create a new armor material, however the value I need depends on a variable (extraArmor) in the item class. The armor value changes correctly, but only when one instance of the item is present in the inventory. If another one is there, then the armor of the newest instance overwrites the previous item(s)
  5. I'm sending a packet with a character as input, but when handling it it's interpreted as a Chinese character. Is there special decoding to convert it correctly, and if so how? Thanks Edit: Nevermind my write method was the issue.
  6. Adding that did the trick! Thank you so much
  7. Ah ok, thanks. Iterating over spawners vs entity types makes more sense. I've modified the event to mirror mincount, maxcount etc. as well: Although the entity is still refusing to spawn lol. I've debugged the event to see if the custom mob is being added to the spawns, and it is. I've tried registering the spawns outright vs adding on biome load, but it doesn't make a difference. I think the problem lies somewhere in the actual entity class that's preventing it, I'll take a thorough look tomorrow. I appreciate your help.
  8. These are SRG names, which are semi-obfuscated. In your PizzaItem constructor you can rename p_i48487_1_ to "properties" or whatever you wish. Any input parameters like this can be renamed, it's only when you're referencing actual variable or method names from the source that you can't rename them.
  9. I'm only quoting so that you receive a notification, because normally replies don't notify for some reason. Anyway Your best bet to create an aura would be a render overlay like how the player is on fire, and activate it from a RenderLivingEvent: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = Main.MOD_ID) public class ForgeSubscribeEvents { @SubscribeEvent public void onRenderEntity(RenderLivingEvent.Post event) { //code here } } In the event you'll handle pushing and popping the render matrix stack, which is what the post on greyminecraftcoder is talking about, despite being a bit
  10. I'd recommend a tutorial based on McJty's code, HarryTalks, as well as MBE80 by TGG. From your previous thread it looks like you want to create a mob that floats and passes through walls. I would take a look at how the Vex handles it.
  11. Yup it uses a ton of ASM voodoo magic
  12. Hi Rinjikii, packages are essentially the same as folder directories that you'd use on your computer. When creating your mod you'll place your java files in packages, while your resources, which contains blockstates, textures, etc., uses folders. Once you have the conventional directory com.author_name.mod_name, the package structure is up to you.
  13. I would take a look at StackUp! Mod's source. Hopefully it's adjustable from 1.13 to 1.16.
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