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[1.17.1] Smelting/Blasting Recipe to Produce a Stack of Items


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Is there a simple way to have a smelting/blasting recipe that produces more than one item of output for each input item? For example, one redstone ore -> two redstone dust? The vanilla wiki doesn't list "count" as one of the possible tags for smelting, unlike e.g. crafting, so it can't be done with plain JSON.  I can't see any methods to do it easily with data generation either, because SimpleCookingRecipeBuilder only has an Item as a result with nothing for count.

Is there a way to get this result without having to replace a lot of vanilla furnace behaviour? If not, can anyone think of any nicer workarounds than outputting a single item that can be crafted into the appropriate number of the desired output (e.g. one redstone ore -> one "redstone dust cake" -> two redstone dust)?

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