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(((SOLVED))) Loading into certain worlds stuck on "Reading world data" then stops responding.


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Other worlds load, but some don't. I can create new worlds that work, but this one survival world that I've been playing for almost a month now got this problem recently, probably 1 or 2 days ago. I haven't changed any mods or anything, just randomly happened, and like I said its just in this one world and a few others. I get to the reading world data screen for about 5 seocnds, and then nothing on my screen, but I'm still in minecraft. I still see the dirt background, just no text. I've tried everything I can think of. In the crash log, It says that iron furnaces is the cause, but when I remove it, it just replaces "Failed loading config file ironfurnaces-server.toml of type SERVER for modid ironfurnaces" with the next mod on the list. Here is the crash log: https://pastebin.com/EJ0q5XEL     ((( FORGE 1.16.5 36.1.20 BTW)))

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11 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

If you didn't modify them Forge will simply regenerate the default values and no changes should happen. As always though make a backup.

They are in the serverconfig folder in your world.

U are a fucking life saver, thank you so much.

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YOO THIS ACTUALLY WORKS, if youre lost just go looking for the mod file, then look for a folder called saves, choose the world youre playing on, then look for a folder called serverconfig, and then inside that folder delete all the files youll find, next time u open your game itll work just fine 


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Same from 3 days this problem appeared before that it was working fine and i didnt change anything. Deleted the serverconfig folder and started it again but same. Froze to that brown screen and says not responding. I tried to up the ram but nothing?

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