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Simulating Left/Right click in forge 1.18


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I'm using forge 1.18.1 and I'm trying to make the player attack/break blocks and place blocks/activate buttons but i cant get it to work, I would like it to work exactly as if the player had left/right clicked, I found an old forum but it was for 1.8 and wasn't much help.


I'm trying to call it from a chat event and can't figure it out.

Thanks :D

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I'm getting inspiration from scratch (a simple block building code game: scratch.mit.edu) but in mc I can create code and paste it into mc chat and it will exacute it in steps. I've already done the code part and movement but I'm having issues with breaking blocks and placing, and turning head so i came here to post a question and also help other people in the future.

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    static int waitTimer = 0;

    public static boolean runCommands = false;
    static int lineNum = 0;

    static boolean[] boolValues = {false, false, false, false};

public static String[] runCommand(String[] command, LocalPlayer player)
        switch (command[0]){
            case "wait":
                waitTimer = Integer.parseInt(command[1])*40;
            case  "say":
                player.chat(command[1].replace("_", " "));
                System.out.println(command[1].replace("_", " "));
            case "jump":
            case "setRot":
            case "move":
                if(command[1].equals("up")) { boolValues[0] = true; }
                if(command[1].equals("down")) { boolValues[1] = true; }
                if(command[1].equals("left")) { boolValues[2] = true; }
                if(command[1].equals("right")) { boolValues[3] = true; }
            case "stopMove":
                if(command[1].equals("up")) { boolValues[0] = false; }
                if(command[1].equals("down")) { boolValues[1] = false; }
                if(command[1].equals("left")) { boolValues[2] = false; }
                if(command[1].equals("right")) { boolValues[3] = false; }
            case "repeat":
                lineNum = -1;
            case "click":
            	//Clicking will go here
            case "counter":
                if(Integer.parseInt(command[1]) == Integer.parseInt(command[2]))
                    runCommand(Arrays.copyOfRange(command, 3, command.length), player);
                    command[2] = "0";
                }else {
                    command[2] = Integer.toString(Integer.parseInt(command[2])+1);

        return command;

this is it currently it gets fired from a chat event and this function run a single line

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I assumed that event.getInput().left is for left mouse (maybe wrongly idk) and when I set it to true nothing happens, iv tried setting it to true 4 times in a row (idk why just testing XD). Is there a certain amount of time it needs to be constantly activated for, or something else I'm missing? I could also be completely wrong about the function of the left variable as I couldn't find any information on google.

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For anyone coming in the future I figured out the solution.

you wan to use



to simulate initial click and if you want to hold down left click afterward just do


and you can switch KeyAttack for other keys

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