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[1.16.5]Changes to Blocks from 1.16.4


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Currently moving on to 1.16.5, mass immigrating my blocks first. I just wanted to verify changes:

1. create changed to of (properties)

2. hardnessAndResistance changed to strength (properties)

3. doesNotBlockMovement and notSolid unified into noCollission (properties)

4. tickRandomly now randomTicks (properties)

5. isValidPosition now canSurvive (method or function?)

6. hasEnoughSolidSide now canSupportCenter (return type function?)

7. isReplaceable now canBeReplaced (function)

8. isRemote now isClientSide (function)

9. getPosX to getX (function)

A special note on 8. isClientSide will be called exactly like before, so I need to return it the same way? Aka isRemote = isClientSide, or !isRemote = !isClientSide, or has the logic been switched here?

Edit: on a side not, why are all the function names changed, if they do imply the same context?(at least for me). I mean, I understand that getX, is less code than getPosX, but what's the difference in saying, for example, tickRandomly vs randomTicks? canSupportCenter is even more confusing than hasEnoughSolidSide.

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