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Unable to start mod server. Server remains vanilla with mod in mod folder.


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I've placed a target mod in mod folder but it is not being executed.  Steps so far:

1)  Created Ubuntu Linux Minecraft server and I'm able to play Minecraft using a remote Windows 10 client.  Minecraft server SW is 1.18.1.  Java is OpenJDK v17.

2)  Downloaded Forge 1.18.1 to server.  Ran the --install server command.  Installed Forge server with the forge gui.  Target folder is ".minecraft".  Created "mods" folder in ".minecraft".  Downloaded mod files to the "mods" folder (they are .jar files). 

3)  Downloaded Forge 1.18.1 to client.  Installed Forge client with the forge gui.  Created "mods" folder in "%appData%.minecraft/".  Downloaded mod files to the "mods" folder.

4)  Launched Minecraft server using the same "> java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui" command as previously done.

5)  Mod does not launch when I access the server with the client.  The only difference I see is that there is a large white V on the right side server name window indicating vanilla. 

Where am I missing a step?  In one of the support blogs I read that Forge installer would create a "universal" .jar file when it installs and that "universal.jar" should be executed to launch the server.  I found a "universal".jar file in my ".minecraft/libraries/" folder but I get a manifest error when I try to run that. 

I see two other forum questions about mods and a "debug.log" was requested.  If you would like me to provide the "debug.log" please let me know where it could be found. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Thanks so much for the response.  I really appreciate it. 

Per your suggestion, I navigated to my .minecraft folder and initiated the server by executing the run.sh shell script.  It prompted me to change the EULA.  I changed and ran again and the Forge server came up with a GUI that showed memory utilization.  Much different than the basic text Minecraft server execution I had been seeing.  Unfortunately, the mod did not execute when I accessed the server from the client.  It was the same vanilla Minecraft.

Do you have any other suggestions?  Is there supposed to be a different server that I can choose from the client?  How can I tell what is running on the server?

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Everything is working now.  Thanks for your help.  Per your question, I revisited my installation process.  There were several websites that I was using as guidance to navigate the Linux, Java, Minecraft, Forge, and mod installations.  It did become a bit confusing and I combined some of the instructions.  When I went back though the process, I realized that I did not need the Minecraft server to run Forge, AND I also realized that the mods were not back compatible.  The 1.12 versions only worked with the 1.12 version of Minecraft.  This is probably something that a seasoned Minecraft player knows inherently, but it was news to me.

So for anyone who is trying to set up a Linux Minecraft server without much history with Minecraft these are the steps that I took to get mine to work:

1)  Install Linux OS (Ubuntu)

2)  Install Java (OpenJDK)

3)  Install Linux text editor and functions

4)  Download and install Forge Server in different directory

5)  Run java -jar forge-x.xx.x-installer.jar --installServer in Forge directory

6)  Run bash run.sh in Forge directory

7)  Accept the EULA by editing the false to true

8.  Add mods with the target version of Minecraft to the mods folder in the Forge directory

9)  Run bash run.sh in Forge directory

The Forger server should initiate with an indication in the status messages that the mods in the mods folder have been recognized.  Then a GUI with utilization metrics will launch.  The server is running at this point.

The client should have Java and the mods installed in their mods folder.  Launch the client Minecraft application and it should work with the mods installed.

Happy gaming!

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