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Minecraft will only load half of the time


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Very strange bug. It seems like half of the time I launch my game, it gets stuck at a white screen. I really can't figure it out. I am running 39.0.10 and Minecraft 1.18.1, and a quite a few mods. It mostly happens after I update any files or mods, but will sometimes do this multiple times in a row, or just randomly. If there's a pattern, it doesn't stick to it. This happens with both GDLauncher and MultiMC, so I don't believe it's the launcher or Java (MultiMC is using my installed Java, GDLauncher is using OpenJDK). I'll post both pastebins so it should be easy to compare. 

Here is the normal pastebin of when it does load:


Here is the pastebin of when it doesn't load:



Edit: I would love to disable mods and reenable to test which one does it, but with ~40 mods, it would take me hours considering this only happens 25-50% of the time. 

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It has to be some weird file issue with Forge or another mod. Removing a mod, running the game, closing the game, and adding it back in fixed it, albeit for a short period of time. There's nothing that indicative in the logs; removing KubeJS makes the console stop before that. It's like the whole thing just freezes sometimes, and I can't figure it out, so I'm signing off for the night. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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