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Is it possible to modify tags of a block in world (for example - when clicked)


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I'd like to modify a tag when a block is (not just a block within my mod - ie vanilla block, other mod blocks, etc)

I'm still digging through the codebase but I'm new to Forge modding so was hoping for a pointer or two on what I should look into. Happy to do the research, just looking for a little guidance if possible.

Specifically, I'm using an item on a block: code example below (also I assume I'll need to use level.setBlock once modified)

public InteractionResult useOn(UseOnContext context) {
    // This will get me the tags on the block... 
	// context.getLevel().getBlockState(context.getClickedPos()).getTags();


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ah, ok so I’d need another approach.

Overall goal would be to click any block with an item and do two things - consume item (which I can do) and mark that block as non spawnable.

It seems like I’ll have to just use a set, or map and keep track of these separately… unless there’s someway to “wrap” every block at registration time with a new blockstate that includes an added property but that didn’t seem possible either not the right approach to me naïvely

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