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Forge not showing installed mods in client

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Hey all-


Straight to the point: Forge appears to be operating correctly, no errors, no crashes, but mods in my /Application Support/minecraft/mods/ folder are not appearing in the client. I've triple checked that the .jar files are present in this folder, my java version is up to date, I tried compressing and decompressing the .jars, and finally, I just did a fresh reinstall of both my MC 1.18 client and the most recent forge client. Nothing has helped- it's like forge just isn't recognizing that there are .jar files in the mods directory. I thought it might be a directory issue but it looks like my host directory is correct.


OSX info: MacOSX Catalina 10.15.6

Java: V8 Update 311

MC: MC 1.18.1

Forge: 39.0.19


Client shows "2 mods loaded" but I have a few in the mods folder:





The two it's recognizing are forge and MCP.


Could really use some help here. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.



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