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Cant play on LAN with my friend in Minecraft Forge


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I have a similar issue, where my brother cannot join in my LAN world... Actually I can see him joining the game, but he gets kicked out of the LAN world right away, without even time to load anything.

This happens almost all the times and sometimes he can join for about 30min before it starts again to not be able to join...

We are using a beta version of 1.18.1 forge minecraft with some mods, but as far as I know those mods do not create the issue... we tried even with forge without mods

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Apparently, inspecting the logs, I found that this causes the issue...


This happens to the "server side" where I start the LAN world, and as far as I understood, this is an error occurring when encoding the packets to send to the other clients... meanwhile in the other pc, where my brother would join my minecraft world from, it doesn't have any error listed in the logs...

I couldn't find any debug.log files in neither of the pc though, maybe this version of minecraft doesn't generate them (?)




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