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[1.18] Need help getting custom bush to generate in the Nether!


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Hi, I have a custom bush block that I made, and I am able to get it to generate normally in the overworld. I have since made another similar bush block, but I want this one to be able to gen only on soul soil in the soul sand valley biomes. Here is my code, I am not sure why it is not working, it isn't generating in the soul sand valley.


//In class BlockInit
public static final RegistryObject<BushBlock> SOULBERRY_BUSH = BLOCKS.register("soulberry_bush",
			() -> new CustomBush(PropertyInit.SOULBERRY_BUSH_PROPERTY));
//In Class PropertyInit
public class PropertyInit {

	private PropertyInit() {

	public final static BlockBehaviour.Properties CUSTOM_BUSH_PROPERTY = BlockBehaviour.Properties
			.of(Material.PLANT, MaterialColor.COLOR_GREEN).randomTicks().noCollission().instabreak()
	public final static BlockBehaviour.Properties SOULBERRY_BUSH_PROPERTY = BlockBehaviour.Properties
			.of(Material.REPLACEABLE_FIREPROOF_PLANT, MaterialColor.NETHER).randomTicks().noCollission().instabreak()


//In class PlacedFeatureInit
public class PlacedFeatureInit {

	public static final PlacedFeature CUSTOM_BUSH_PLACED = PlacementUtils.register("custom_bush_placed",
	public static final PlacedFeature SOULBERRY_BUSH_PLACED = PlacementUtils.register("soulberry_bush_placed",

//In class ConfigFeatureInit
public static final ConfiguredFeature<RandomPatchConfiguration, ?> SOULBERRY_BUSH_CONFIG = FeatureUtils
			.register("soulberry_bush_config", Feature.FLOWER.configured(new RandomPatchConfiguration(1, 20, 20, () -> {
				return Feature.SIMPLE_BLOCK
						.configured(new SimpleBlockConfiguration(BlockStateProvider.simple(
								BlockInit.SOULBERRY_BUSH.get().defaultBlockState().setValue(SoulBerryBush.AGE, 3))))
						.placed(InSquarePlacement.spread(), PlacementUtils.RANGE_BOTTOM_TO_MAX_TERRAIN_HEIGHT,
										Arrays.asList(Blocks.SOUL_SAND, Blocks.SOUL_SOIL, Blocks.NETHERRACK))));
//In class Bush Generation:
public class BushGeneration {

	public static void generateBushes(final BiomeLoadingEvent event) {
		ResourceKey<Biome> key = ResourceKey.create(Registry.BIOME_REGISTRY, event.getName());
		ResourceLocation biome = event.getName();
		List<Supplier<PlacedFeature>> base = event.getGeneration()
		if (biome.toString().contains("plains")) {

			base.add(() -> PlacedFeatureInit.CUSTOM_BUSH_PLACED);
		} else if (biome.toString().contains("soul")) {
			base.add(() -> PlacedFeatureInit.SOULBERRY_BUSH_PLACED);
	public static void onBiomeLoad(BiomeLoadingEvent event) {


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