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(1.16.5 MCP) get a keybind key


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i made this: String test = ModKeys.mkey.getTranslationKey() and it it suposed to give me the key i assigned to that keybind(in this case X) but it gives me key.mymod.x and i dont want all the information(my key has a lang name), and i tried the other methods like getKeyModifier(), getKeyDescription(), getDefault(), etc but none of them works

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3 hours ago, diesieben07 said:


i tried 3 things and none of them worked, all throwed a nullPointerException when the game is about to start

private static ITextComponent ab1 = ModKeys.mykey.func_238171_j_();
private static String mykeyAssignedKey = ab1.getString();


private static ITextComponent ab1 = ModKeys.ability1Key.func_238171_j_();
private static String ability1AssignedKey = ab1.toString();


private static String mykeyAssignedKey = ModKeys.mykey.func_238171_j_().getString();


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