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DRG Survival - IP: DRGSurvival.com - [SMP] [Multiplayer] [Survival] [1.18] [Mob Bosses]


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IP Address: drgsurvival.com

About the server:
DRG Survival is a Minecraft SMP survival server with protection from griefing/griefers. We have multiple features for Minecraft players to take advantage of. These features include the common jobs, quests, rankups, land claiming/protection, mobarena and balanced economy. We also have custom and unique features like lucky mining [slight chance to level up the enchants of your items], ability to ride any animal or mob, a voting shop that allows you to buy perks such as protection from fire and lava damage, as well as a lot more.

We are a survival server with "Normal" difficulty. We provide grief protection to our players through the form of a command; /chunk claim. You can add friends to your claims with /chunk access . We also have ranks that you can grind and gain new perks, kits and commands as rewards for ranking up. Anyone can use SilkTouch to mine spawners. There are several events that we have listed below that run regularly.

Our community:
Our community may be small but it is mature and laidback. We try to go easy on our rules and punishments but we will not tolerate players who are only looking to troll, advertise or harass our players. Freedom of expression is something we strongly believe you should be allowed especially with how sensitive the world is becoming towards jokes, insults and whatever crybaby nonsense. DRGSurvival is a server that tries to take away the outside world so you have somewhere to just relax, so please do not bring politics and other stressful garbage onto our server.

Staff members:
We have a few staff members but we are looking for more to add to our server. We are trying to recruit members with a decent knowledge of Minecraft, knowledge of running Spigot based servers [including plugins], knowledge of plugin usage and who are genuinely invested in our server.

Feedback and improvements:
Lastly, we are constantly looking for feedback and suggestions. If you join our server and do not like something, let us know, we'll do our best to change/fix/improve it. The owner [me] is active on a daily basis and constantly trying to improve the server and it's quality.

Rules: We're pretty lax when it comes to rules but please abide by the following:
Swearing is allowed but please keep it within reason.
Spamming is annoying so please don't do it.
Do not impersonate staff members or pretend to be one.
Don't advertise.
Don't threaten malicious/common afterschool activities such as doxing, ddos, suicide, etc.
Mods are allowed as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage [?KillAura, Aimbot, etc. are bannable.]
Do not grief, we will roll it back and you will be banned.

Recruiting Helpers/Moderators/Administrators here: www.planetminecraft.com/forums/communities/teams/drg-survival-looking-for-helpers-moderators-administrators-649891/

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  • DasReelGood changed the title to DRG Survival [SMP] [Multiplayer] [Survival] [Discord] [Mob Bosses]


- Buffed "Welcome" kit - Buffed "Starter" kit

- Added a Starter+ kit

- Changed lottery to draw every 20 minutes

- Set lottery pot to $10k

- Set lottery ticket price to $250

- 100% of goes to pot, removed lottery taxes

- Removed no one won from lottery

- Increased time between broadcasts

- Increased/buffed react rewards

- Increased time between reacts

- Nerfed "Enchanced" mobs to be slower

- Added drops to "Enchanced" mobs

- Buffed spawners again, they are between where they were [overpowered] and "overly" nerfed. Should be fair now.

- Did my best to remove Chickens from spawners

- Did my best to clean up random drops from spawner mobs

- Modified lucky mining rewards to be easier but still scale to be harder with the higher level of the enchant

- Increased chance of getting EXP from mining but switched from levels to actual EXP (example: 1400 EXP = 30 XP levels, this is going by Minecraft's values which is how EXP bottles give out EXP) - Made super mobs weaker

- added mcMMO

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  • 2 weeks later...


- Buffed SuperMob rewards

- Buffed EnchancedMobs rewards

- Buffed lotto and removed the reminders to buy tickets from chat

- Modified broadcasts to not be as large

- Added/buffed rewards for reactions

= This one is a biggie:

- Recoded the biggest custom plugin on the server, this controls the following features:

- Upgrade Enchants

- SuperMobs

- EnchancedMobs

- Lucky Mining

- Gambling

- Sell All

- Lucky mob death rewards

- Remove Enchants

- /fireaura

- /feedall

- /health

- /boost

- /rage

I have modified all of these features. They look nicer, perform better but I am not certain I fixed all the issues with them. If you find any let me know.

Main changes in the re-code:

- Removed "RandomEnchants" pretty much useless

- Added more lucky rewards for killing mobs

- Added more lucky mining rewards (enchanted books, spawn eggs, etc.)

- SLIGHTLY buffed spawner drops so you'll probably make more money from them

- Mostly just beautified the way it's messages and menus look

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  • 2 weeks later...

Changelog (as much as I can remember)

- New spawn

- Modified /upenchant; new look + new requirements to prevent the server from going overly OP

- Modified /removeenchant; new look - Removed old /rankup with one I coded

- Modified Reactions; new look + new rewards including cosmetic keys

- Modified look of /sellall - Modified mcMMO gain rates to not be INSANE

- Added: cosmetic crate + spawner crate

- Added upgradeable spawners; spawners are now a lot more balanced

- Buffed supermob rewards

- Buffed Enchanced Mob rewards

- Buffed Voting rewards

- Buffed Outposts (now connects with your land)

- Added /lands

- Added /coinflip

- Added /sit

- Added /redeem

- Buffed lucky mining

- Added lucky farming

- Added new items/kits/perks to /vote shop

- Modified the look of /vote, /vote shop

- Giants now spawn

- Players/mobs/animals are visible much further away.

- Spawn is now in a different world (show help with any FPS issues)

- A lot more things that is not worth mentioning

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  • DasReelGood changed the title to DRG Survival [SMP] [Multiplayer] [Survival] [1.18] [Mob Bosses]
  • DasReelGood changed the title to DRG Survival - IP: DRGSurvival.com - [SMP] [Multiplayer] [Survival] [1.18] [Mob Bosses]
  • 2 weeks later...

- Decreased most prices in /buy by a fair bit.
- Added new drops to lucky farming
- Buffed & modified drops from lucky mining (less garbage)
- Changed the requirements to rankup to balance it better
- Fixed mobarenas
- Fixed outposts
- Fixed sellchests
- Fixed not being able to place double chests
- Added credits pouches
- Modified crates loot
- Modified MobArena to be easier and more rewarding
- Modified Outposts rewards and capturing
- Fixed a dupe glitch with /spawner
- Added /shop [still a work in progress but let me know if you want any items added]

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