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Minecraft Parameter Mappings


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I'm basically just really sick of not having mappings for functions parameters, every-time I want to call a function, or understand what a function I've already called does, spending 5 minutes trying to work out that p_222587_0_ means x.

So basically, is there any way to just straightforwardly fix this.

I'm sure this is kinda a spectrum and for some people it's not rly a problem, but as someone who has a lot of difficulty reading and keeping track fo stuff in my head, It's just a real hassle and has become one of the biggest sources of friction while modding.

But I reckoned it must be a common enough annoyance for basically all forge (and possibly other systems, idk how they work) modders that someone must have a solution that at the very least is easier than the issue it's trying to fix.

Is there a way I can add onto mojmaps and are there already compiled mappings for all of the parameters, I know that the old forge mappings have some parameters listed but seeing as they don't have all methods or variables, and they're discontinued, it's not much of a trade off. Surely I'm not asking for too much to have mojmaps and also parameters with sensible names.

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