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Game Crashes When I Load Multiplayer Server (1.18.1)


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I have played on this server for over a month and never ran into an issue when loading the server. I have recently got the flight augment on my supremium chest from Mystical Agriculture and I went around exploring new chunks. Nothing was an issue after that first time flying around, but I went exploring again yesterday and started rubberbanding when I loaded new chunks. I stopped exploring and went back to my base and built an automatic honey and honeycomb farm with 21 bees next to my base. I also got a villager trapped in my base. I then logged off and when I try to get back on the server I keep getting an error and it shows "exit code -1." 


The only thing I can think would be an issue is that I explored too many chunks and the rubberbanding was an issue. I also noticed on my JourneyMap that some of the rubberbanded chunks were shown as unexplored that I was in. 


I tried updating to the latest Forge version, too, and nothing changed. I also updated to the latest sodium because I heard that was an issue. 


The most recent crash report and log are below.


Crash Report:


Most Recent Log:


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"The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.ModLoadingException: Hexerei (hexerei) encountered an error during the common_setup event phase Exit Code: -1"


Error on launcher screen.


New crash report:


New Log:


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BeyondEarth developer said it wasn’t a beyondearth issue. 

They said either update opticians to the latest preview or update every single mod. I’m just worried that if I update every mod then the game might bug out and the server won’t be able to handle the changes 

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