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Forge Installer Downloaded Weirdly, and Now I Can't Run The Installer


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i recently got a new computer (christmas 2021) and the first thing i did was get minecraft, and the second thing was downloading forge. ive used mods before, so its not completely alien to me or how this all works. however, when i initiallt when i tried to open the installer file and run it so it puts the installer on my PC, i would have forge and could put it into minecaft and whatever. but where things got tricky is that when i tried to open it i couldnt, it wouldnt let me open it using my file explorer. so i thought the next best thing would to open it using the mincraft launcher, as i didnt have much else of a choice. that didnt work so i tried brave, google chrome, internet exploerer, literally anything else i could and nothing is working. i even deleted the files and restarted and it just re-downloads and opens with whatever application i chose last. ive been fighting this for what feels like forever and i need help please.

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