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Having multiple instances of one block


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Today, I started developing my mod that I have always wanted to make. However, the problem that I foretold has came up. The mod is based around thaumcraft's aspects, allowing you to infuse different aspects into blocks which then inturn effect the nature the block. So lux in a block would cause it to emit light.


Now the problem is obvious, how do I make all the blocks with all the possibilities, with out registering each and every block. I have no clue how to go about start this. So was wondering if anyone will be able to give their view on this and what could possibly fix this.


It's been driving me insane not knowing what do. So any help will be hugely appreciated.

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49 different aspects, 200 aprox blocks in vanilla. So allot of blocks to do them manually. I need tileentities to manage the effects, but I need more than 16 metadata to handle what I need to achieve. Are there any other ways to do this?


Also thaumcraft has nothing to do with the code, the only thing that thaumcraft has something to do with. Is the aspects and thats it. The mod could be made without thaumcraft at all.

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Yes, you'll need a tile entity. With it, only one block is needed. The block would contain all the wanted behaviour, which will be triggered according to the values in the tile entity.

For your "lux" example, the block should override getLightValue(IBlockAccess, int, int, int) and return value from the tile entity (which would be a combination of the light value from the original block, and value provided by your "aspect")


Basically, your tile entity would need to contain at least id and metadata from the original block.

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