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Accidentally opened vanilla world with forge, Now can't play it without the mods

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Hi, Accidentally opened my vanilla world with a forge profile that had 2 mcreator mods and optifine on, now when I try to load the world in vanilla i get the following error:

Clicking safe mode doesn't do anything. From my own testing it seems the world has now become reliant on the mods, as the dimensions folder has the modded dimensions from the mcreator mods, and since I can't load into the world on vanilla due to this error there's no chance for the game to remove the modded content from the world.
No idea where to go from here or how to fix it and I don't want to play the world with these mods on as it has custom biomes etc that I do not wish to have in my survival world.
Couldn't find any help or people with this exact issue online so figured I'd post it myself.

logs with forge / mods enabled, also i don't know how to attach files because i don't really use forums:

logs in vanilla:

thanks for any help

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