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When i run forge 1.11.2 minecrft java edition WITH optifine, i get fps drops


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On some places i get fps drops, on others i dont. 

Im playing in a server and i just instaled forge to use 1 mod, but i wanted optifine so i needed to add it as a mod too. So i have 2 mods: optifine and Durability notifier.

When i run both mods or only optifine i get fps drops. Using only the durability notifier the game runs perfectly. Also i have no problems using optifine without forge.

I checked if the version of optifine is compatible with the forge version and it is. I have no idea where the problem is. Please help!

Here is my pc:

Intel i5 10400f

GTX 1660 super

16 GB ram - 1 stick

I give 2 gb too the game and it always uses like no more than 35 - 40%

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