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More efficient way of assigning values to items, rather than tons of if branches?


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Hiya. I have quite a Java-y question for you today that I'm hoping I can recieve some help with although I still feel it is related enough to Minecraft Forge to warrant posting here. I do apologise for the unclear title.

I'm somewhat experienced in Java; no expert, but I have a lot of time with it under my belt. I know a lot about it but still also have a lot to learn.

Essentially, I'm writing a new gameplay mechanic/system, and as part of this I pass an ItemStack to a custom function. I then need to  return different values, based on what ItemStack it is.

The immediate thought on how to do this is with multiple if branches. However, I worry this may have a performance impact. Since the function may well be called every single tick, or at least several times a second, I don't want to force the program to run through 100 if branches each tick, which I imagine would cause slowdown.

An example of what I would do is below. This is pseudocode, so ignore any errors. It's just to give an idea of the concept of what the code should do.

if (itemType == Items.LEATHER_HELMET) {
	defense += 4
    agility += 4
if (itemType == Items.IRON_HELMET) {
	defense += 7
if (itemType == Items.GOLD_HELMET) {
	defense += 3
    wisdom += 6

Unlike the above example however, I would likely have this iterating over anywhere from 50-200 items.
Is there a more efficient mechanism within Java (or Minecraft Forge) that would achieve the same result, without requiring so many iterations over if statements?

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