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Creating a custom crafting and recipie system using BlockEntity's.


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I am trying to make a custom workstation. I understand that an object like this needs a BlockEntity, but I only know how to make a simple inventory, not something as complex as this:

  • On the left, I would like to have a few inventory boxes, that when you click on them, a scrollable 1 slot in height and x slots in width window pops out the side. It shows all items that can go in that particular inventory box that are currently in your inventory or in another block's inventory within a float called "MAX_REACH".
  • Then, when all those slots are filled with an item that works, you click a button in the middle x amount of times (x being how many slots are filled, as there will be some optional slots).
  • Once you click on the button enough times, a slot appears with the crafted item, and you can either click on it and select a slot in your inventory to put it in, or hover over it and press "q" to put it into a nearby inventory or if they are all full or there is none nearby, drop on the ground.

I dont know if this is possible, and if it is possible, how to get started. I dont need lots of code, but at least some tutorials, docs, or minecraft's or other mod's classes that I can look into for each part to understand how to get started. Thanks ahead of time!

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