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Unable to change item enchantment glint color


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In a client side mod I am porting, the enchantment glint of enchanted books is changed based on their enchantment type. 

This was done originally in the 1.16.3 version by caching the item currently being rendered (uses a mixin for the "render" method in ItemRenderer) and then changing the glint with a mixin for the "getEntityGlintVertexBuilder" method (same class).

My current code is as follows:

		@Inject(method = "render("
			+ "Lnet/minecraft/world/item/ItemStack;"
			+ "Lnet/minecraft/client/renderer/block/model/ItemTransforms$TransformType;"
			+ "Z" // Boolean
			+ "Lcom/mojang/blaze3d/vertex/PoseStack;"
			+ "Lnet/minecraft/client/renderer/IRenderTypeBuffer;"
			+ "I" // Integer
			+ "I" // Integer
			+ "Lnet/minecraft/client/resources/model/BakedModel;"
			+ ")V", // Returns void
			at = @At("HEAD"))
	private void render(ItemStack itemStackIn, TransformType transformTypeIn, boolean leftHand, PoseStack matrixStackIn, MultiBufferSource bufferIn, int combinedLightIn, int combinedOverlayIn, BakedModel modelIn, CallbackInfo ci) {

		Hooks.stack = itemStackIn;


		@Inject(method = "getFoilBuffer("
			+ "Lnet/minecraft/client/renderer/MultiBufferSource;"
			+ "Lnet/minecraft/client/renderer/RenderType;"
			+ "Z" // Boolean
			+ "Z" // Boolean
			+ ")Lcom/mojang/blaze3d/vertex/VertexConsumer;",
			at = @At("HEAD"),
			cancellable = true)
	private static void getFoilBuffer(MultiBufferSource bufferSource, RenderType renderTypeIn, boolean isItem, boolean glint, CallbackInfoReturnable<VertexConsumer> cir) {

		if (glint && EnchantedBookRedesign.cache.contains(Hooks.stack.getItem())) {

			VertexConsumer newBuilder = VertexMultiConsumer.create(TintedVertexConsumer.withTint(bufferSource.getBuffer(isItem ? ModRenderType.TINTED_GLINT_DIRECT : ModRenderType.TINTED_ENTITY_GLINT_DIRECT), Hooks.getColor(Hooks.stack)), bufferSource.getBuffer(renderTypeIn));




Based on my understanding after reading through the JavaDocs and looking through some source code, I am unable to figure out what the method "VertexBuilderUtils.newDelegate" from Forge 1.16.3 equivalents to  in 1.18.2. Signature for the "VertexMultiConsumer.create" method is rather similar to the old "VertexBuilderUtils.newDelegate" signature, and is what I tried in the code snippet I posted earlier, but it doesn't seem to work.

If I am doing this completely wrong please let me know, otherwise, what am I doing wrong, and what new method equates to the old "VertexBuilderUtils.newDelegate" method?


- Rey

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