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New modder wanting to add flips and rolling to the elytra, Was wondering how and is it even possible?

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Hello! I am a new modder and was wanting to tackle this as my first mod since its something I have been wanting in minecraft for a while.
I know I have to unlock the Y axis lock on the camera but how? is it even possible? how do I even change the orientation of the camera for the rolls?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, also I do know how to code so don't worry about that.

The controls would be

A D to roll and looking up and down to do flips.

(p.s. please don't try and do all the coding for me, I am doing this to learn. All I want to know is how do I do it!)

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that is far too difficult for a first mod. please shelve that.

instead, make a mod that a fruit salad or vegetable soup. i know it sounds stupid. maybe you'll be done in an hour without problems, but i doubt it. more likely, there will be problems because that is modding - learning isn't easy.

only when you can make a simple mod with your eyes closed, come back to elytra flight. read about access transformers. try to solve the problem using events and access transformers. if that fails, read about mixins. then consider not using them. then try to solve the problem using them.

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