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  1. are you sure you understand the geometry in that code? adding sine to Z and cosine to X gives you a circle. but why are you adding anything to Y? that gives you a spiral (not a vertical one, also, but you didn't want any kind). and are you sure you get the part about incrementing the angle? because that code would be much simpler if you did - you'd make a constant holding the number of particles and just divide 2pi by N.
  2. I don't know if there is any documentation, but at least half the mods you play with are configurable - you find their source code and look at it. there is really no way to explaining this other than dumping a bit of code: public class OptionsHolder { public static class Common { private static final int defaultInt1 = 37; private static final boolean defaultBool1 = true; public final ConfigValue<Integer> Int1; public final ConfigValue<Boolean> Bool1; public Common(ForgeConfigSpec.Builder builder) { builder.push("category1"); this.Int1 = builder.comme
  3. is downgrading the server version an option for you? lex mentioned milk fluid in change log for 36.1.0, maybe someone forgot to finish something. i can't look into details now but if you could downgrade, you have a workaround.
  4. that's basically it, though a short instruction would be better that working code. and be careful about sides or your mod will crash multiplayer games.
  5. 1) delete everything you have. 2) do not go anywhere other than to curseforge. internet is full of idiots offering fake mods and repacked modpacks with who-knows-what inside. 3) go to curseforge, pick a modpack (or separate mods if you have time and willingness to make the pack just right) 4) load the modpack into multimc launcher. do not use any launcher other than multimc or mojang's vanilla launcher. 5) enjoy!
  6. yesterday i decided to port a small mod of mine from 1.12 to 1.16. all in all it wasn't too difficult and took less than a day. the part that gave me some headache was the GlobalLootModifier system and i want to share the headache with others. i had the HarvestDrops event in the old branch and noticed it was killed off. simple internet search led me to a few pages on github and apparently this was a big problem and a big hole in forge for months. those days, looks like i would not have been able to port at all... and then i found the instructions about this new system.... so, dr
  7. find furnace.json in the treeview on the side of your ide (/assets/minecraft/models/block/furnace.json). start there.
  8. https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample and for your sake (and the sake of unsuspecting players), do not watch youtube tutorials (unless the guy is called mcjty, in which case by all means, do watch those). authors of those videos (aside from that one exception) WILL teach you wrong ways to do everything.
  9. sorry, we need way more info than that. how do you launch the game? launcher that came with the game or some external launcher? which version of the game? could you launch a game without mods before preparing a modded instance? can you do that now? after you answer these, we may need logs, but i suspect we won't. please start with answering questions above...
  10. 1) run the game in debug mode. 2) make an item on an anvil (in-game, using books) in creative mode. 3) then toss it (Q key, just drop it). 4) then catch that with a break point in an event: @SubscribeEvent public static void OnItemToss(ItemTossEvent event) { sys.out.println("breakpoint here"); } 5) then examine the tag record inside the item object. all of the enchantment data is inside the NBT tag structure. you need to replicate what you see when creating an output itemstack in your recipe.
  11. look, this isn't a new question to be answered. tech mods exist. old, established tech mods. and in them, one ingot is 144mb. so what choice do you have? choice "a": ingot is 144mb, block is 9x that much, somewhat more than fits in a bucket. choice "b": you make it configurable, and then users set it to choice "a" so there wouldn't be a magical fluid creation loop. it doesn't necessarily have to be 144mb. some other value is possible if all overlapping mods (within a pack) make it configurable. but i assure you no one will set the option to 111mb or 111.11mb
  12. well spiders can do it, so apparently yes. look for net.minecraft.entity.monster.SpiderEntity class. ladders code may (or may not be) a wrong place to look because it relies on player being inside the block area.
  13. make a desaturated texture (find vanilla grass (small grass shrub not the grass cube) ). call Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockColors().register(...) in your client proxy. inside make an anonymous IBlockColor that calls BiomeColors.getGrassColor or BiomeColors.getFoliageColor.
  14. several things. there are several tutorials for setting up the environment, start with one... https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.15.2/forge/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgY6kKf5rGU&list=PLmaTwVFUUXiBKYYSyrv_uPPoPZtEsCBVJ then try https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample
  15. it's hard to answer without knowing what you need, but maybe you are yet to determine what you need... try this: respond to "join world" event; if the entity that fired event is a player, do your stuff and leave a simple signature in player's extra data (nbt). check for that signature at the start of "join world" event handler and don't do anything if it's not the first time for player to join. things to note: 1) the event mentioned above fires for every player on the server instance and on any number of client instances. you may want to check whether world is remote (meaning
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