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Forge removed jar files?

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Hi, I'm trying to start a forge server and I use an indepandant server hoasting so theres no in build forge install. I manually do it myself. But I noticed in the most recent for server installer there is no like forge.jar that launches the server or a minecraft.jar for that matter. I have found variations of them in the libarys folder but none of them actually start the server. I though maybe they would generate after running the batch file but mine is just annoying me by not accepting ram so I gave up. The main issue is I need the server jar files to use on an external program. Where are they?

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No I cant use the batch file thats the issue it needs a jar file. is there anywhere that i can still download them. the batchfile i believe looks for files local to the computer but i cant upload anything exept the libarys and the batch file which i cant get working lmao. 

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