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I can make a forge server with every version except 1.12.2


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I am trying to make a forge server for 1.12.2 but everytime I download the server files to a file on my desktop, it will do the downloading thing very quickly. It then says it's a success, but it clearly isn't because i only get the regular .jar, the forge .jar, and the libraries folder. If I try to make my own mods folder it doesn't work and I cant get the forge .jar to run even with a start.bat. The weird thing is that I can make a server just fine with any other version of forge and it downloads everything correctly. I have java installed and I have looked at just about every tech support string I can find. I also don't need an older version of java because I was able to make a forge server for 1.12.0 and 1.12.1 just fine. If someone can explain to me why this is happenening and how I could fix it that would be great. It is kind of unfortunate because most of the mods I want to add only work for 1.12.2 so I hope I can get it fixed. Thank you.

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