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Raspberry Pi 1.18.2 Server Can't Load

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So, I'm making a modded Minecraft server. Right now, I have no mods in the mods folder. Oh, and I'm on a Linux, using Corretto's OpenJDK 18.

So far, I've barely done anything to customise the server, so it should be fine... Right? I mean, I'm on the Forge Forums, so obviously not. Anyway.  It goes just peachy until it reaches the line "[Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Preparing start region for dimension minecraft:overworld". That line is immediately followed by "run.sh: line 6: 31292 Killed                  java @user_jvm_args.txt @libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.18.2-40.1.31/unix_args.txt "$@""

Does anyone know how to fix this or what's even happening? I know my situation is kinda uncommon because I'm using a Raspberry Pi, but I hope someone can help!

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Posted (edited)

It could also be that the server file isn't compiled for ARM CPU's and only Intel/AMD. I see that there are Youtube videos on how to do it so if you aren't already you could try following one of those 

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Thank you guys so much!

I'm not entirely sure why it worked but the server was running in two folders and I removed one of the folders and reinstalled the server and now it's running just fine. :D

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