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Getting crafting components for Custom IRecipe types [SOLVED]


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So the way recipes work, as I understand it, is that when you place the components in the grid, it's checked against the CraftingManager looking for matches in item types and layouts. I'm implementing a method of crafting that doesn't hinge on the 3x3, or any layout, crafting grid at all, just the raw components themselves.

For vanilla recipes it works just fine, all IRecipes in the game (Shaped/Shapeless/Ore etc) have an array of all the item types and respective alternatives (such as for the ore dictionary recipes) so I can just go through and translate them all based on the case. However, this doesn't come as part of the interface, there is no way to be plainly given what's in the recipe. The only thing the interface offers is a way to check if it matches what is provided.


So this leaves me with the problem I've run into: What way is there to universally access all the components of a crafting recipe across all the custom handlers? I'm starting to get the feeling there isn't. Which is inconvenient.



This was the solution I came up with. Used cpw's reflection helper to go through all the fields until it throws an ArrayOutOfBounds exception and then break. Easy peasy.

int i = 0;
            Field f = rec.getClass().getDeclaredFields()[i++];
            Object obj = f.get(rec);
            if(obj != null){
            	if(obj instanceof Object[]){
            		Object[] objArr = (Object[])obj;
            		newRecItem.input = new Object[objArr.length];
            		for(int j = 0; j < objArr.length; j++){
            			Object obj2 = objArr[j];
            			newRecItem.input[j] = obj2;
            			if(obj2 == null){
            				if(newRecItem.items == null)
            					newRecItem.items = new ItemStack[objArr.length];
            			}else if(obj2 instanceof ItemStack){
            				if(newRecItem.items == null)
            					newRecItem.items = new ItemStack[objArr.length];
            				newRecItem.items[j] = ((ItemStack)obj2).copy();
            			}else if(obj2 instanceof String){
            				ItemStack oreStack = OreDictionary.getOres((String)obj2).get(0);
            				ItemStack newStack = new ItemStack(oreStack.itemID, oreStack.stackSize, OreDictionary.WILDCARD_VALUE);
            				if(newRecItem.items == null)
            					newRecItem.items = new ItemStack[objArr.length];
            				newRecItem.items[j] = newStack;
            				System.out.println("ProjectBench: Unaccounted for object type, disabling recipe. " +obj2);
        catch(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException ex)
	catch(Exception ex){

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