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Help - Dynamic Loot Drops?

Rawket Sushi

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So I have a block class, that I intend to use as a base class for several other blocks. The block class is called a CoinPile. I have several blocks that will be different instances of that CoinPile. I have it set up so that a coin is used as a block item to get it started. I want to be able to right click with a coin stack in hand and add one coin to the pile per right click. And if I right click with an empty hand, it pops off one coin. If I punch the pile, it drops all of the coins in the pile as items. I do not know how to go about this. I had hoped there would be some way to make a dynamic loot table so that just based on a block state integer it would multiply the drop count by that integer, but I so far haven't figured out how to do that aside from having just 64 different loot drop conditions.

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