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Can't register EntityRenderer (1.18.2)


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im relatively new to modding and im from Germany, so sorry for the Grammar.

So, i've got the Problem that i cant register my EntityRenderer because eclipse shows me an Error. But i dont know what i did wrong. I tried making Custom Entity with this Turorial. And every step worked perfectly fine until the last step.

Here's my ClientModEventSubscriber:

@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = ElementalCraft.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD, value = Dist.CLIENT)
public class ClientModEventSubscriber {
	public static void layerRegister(EntityRenderersEvent.RegisterLayerDefinitions event) {
		event.registerLayerDefinition(FireElementalModel.LAYER_LOCATION, FireElementalModel::createBodyLayer);

	public static void rendererRegister(EntityRenderersEvent.RegisterRenderers event) {
		event.registerEntityRenderer(EntityInit.AIR_SWORD_PROJECTILE.get(), AirSwordProjectileRenderer::new);
		event.registerEntityRenderer(EntityInit.FIRE_ELEMENTAL.get(), FireElementalRenderer::new);

And this is my FireElementalRenderer:

public class FireElementalRenderer<Type extends FireElemental> extends MobRenderer<Type, FireElementalModel<Type>> {

	private static final ResourceLocation TEXTURE = new ResourceLocation(ElementalCraft.MOD_ID, "textures/entity/fire_elemental.png");
	public FireElementalRenderer(Context context, FireElementalModel<Type> fireElementModel, float floatVal) {
		super(context, new FireElementalModel<>(context.bakeLayer(FireElementalModel.LAYER_LOCATION)), 0.5f);

	public ResourceLocation getTextureLocation(Type p_114482_) {
		return TEXTURE;



Eclipse shows me this Error that is shown on  "FireElementalRenderer::new":

"The type FireElementalRenderer does not define FireElementalRenderer(EntityRendererProvider.Context) that is applicable here"


I really dont know what the problem is, bc I already created an Entity that works perfectly fine. Maybe because the tutorial I used is for 1.17. but what do I need to type then?

Thanks for the help in advane.

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Ok, but how do I fix this? The AirSwordProjectile seems to work because the constructor of the ArrowRenderer (which I use for the AirSwordProjectileRenderer) uses only the "EntityRendererProvider.Context" as paramter. But why does the YouTube tutorial work fine? Is it because I use the 1.18.2 instead the 1.17?

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Ok. Then im sorry, i never heard of the Term SAM Interface before, but i will read into that to. Im just a bit confused at different steps because im not used to Forge. Im just used to my Libraries at my work, which are pretty old technologies. But I will try to improve.

Thx for the help

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