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TurtleCraft LifeSteal 1.19


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» TurtleCraft is a semi-vanilla lifesteal server «
» 1.9 to 1.19 - java and bedrock crossplay server Version: 1.19 «

➧ Giveaways - frequent nitro giveaways and more
➧ Teams - allies, team home, team warps, team levels, team ranks, team color and more...
➧ Lifesteal - steal hearts from a player by killing them! if you die, you lose a heart. You can also craft hearts.
➧ Tpa - tp to any player anywhere, anytimes by asking them.
➧ Homes - set homes to places you like, base, farms, nether, end or anything else.
➧ Ranks - cheap ranks and custom tags with non pay2win perks.
➧ Discord - discord with over 200 members.
➧ Spawn - small spawn where you can be safe, can't get attacked or damaged.
➧ Rtp - random teleportation allows you to get teleported to a random location with a radius of 1500 blocks
➧ Worldborder - world border in the overworld, nether and end is 15 000 blocks wide.
➧ Antixray - prevent any hackers from xraying on the server with ores tracker.
➧ Anticheat - prevent any hackers from using any hacked client or hacks with logs.

Java: open Minecraft, go to multiplayer, click ''add server'', in ''server address'' write ''turtlecraft.minehut.gg then click done and join the server with the little arrow.

Bedrock: open Minecraft, click play, go to ''servers'', scroll down click ''add server'', in ''server address'' write bedrock.minehut.com, don't change the port and click ''save'', then join the server and type /join turtlecraft in chat.

IPs: turtlecraft.minehut.gg (java) / bedrock.minehut.com (bedrock)
Discord: discord.gg/turtlecraft

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