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Odd text color code problem


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Some quick info


Line From Mod Localization File:

info.tank.header.msg=\u00A76-- Tank Data --


Line In Code: (triggered in onBlockActivated)





I've had the color code in the localization file since 1.5 and it has worked but in 1.6 it acts up only when compiled and zipped.


In eclipse it properly displays

"-- Tank Data --" and its orange


but put it into a clean Minecraft & Forge (818) install it displays

"\u00A76-- Tank Data --" and its white


For some reason Eclipse uses the color code, but a release environment reads it as plain text.

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Because StatCollector.translateToLocal(string) is what blocks and items used ;)

It works perfectly, except for color codes in a release environment, so I never noticed the issue while debugging.


Is that object array a list of approved characters?


after setting up a break point and stepping through the code I don't believe that will help.



Oh well, I can hard code the colors, I only had them in the localization just in case someone wanted to change them.

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