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[1.6.2] NoSuchMethodException when spawning a custom entity


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Hello! I've recently started modding with minecraft forge, and it's going pretty well. But now I'm trying to add a custom entity similar to Thaumcrafts aura nodes. I havn't found that many useful tutorials on custom entities for 1.6.2, and now I've run in to an error. I tried searching the forum but found nothing useful.


So, I'm getting a NoSuchMethodException when trying to spawn my entity into the world. "mdx.voodoo.entity.EntityNode.<init>(net.minecraft.world.World)"

I have no idea what that missing method might be... <init>??


I have a custom block that spawns the entity above it on activating the block. Like this:

world.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityNode(world, (double)x+0.5d, (double)y+1.5d, (double)z+0.5d, 64));


I'm registering the entity in the main mod "load" function like this:

EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityNode.class, "entityNode", 1, Voodoo.instance, 80, 3, true);


And finally I'm registering the entity renderer in my client proxy "registerRenderers" function like this:

RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityNode.class, new EntityNodeRenderer());

registerRenderers is called from the "load" function aswell, ofcourse.


The entity overrides these functions: entityInit(), onEntityUpdate(), readEntityFromNBT(), writeEntityToNBT()

It has no other functions other than the constructor.

It extends minecrafts "Entity" class.


Since I havn't found any tutorials for exactly what I'm doing, I'm not sure all this is correct. Any help would be appreciated!


I'll post more code if needed. Tried to keep it to a minimum.


More info on the mod will be released in the future, but for now you can probably guess what it's all about from the code.

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