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What happened to PlayerEntity.setActiveHand?


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Hello, I have been working on making an item for a mod in Forge. Most of the resources I could find use PlayerEntity.setActiveHand, but that no longer seems to exist, and I can't seem to find an equivalent method in PlayerEntity. My code is below in case it helps, though it's not particularly specific.

    public ActionResult<ItemStack> use(World worldIn, PlayerEntity playerIn, Hand hand) {

        ItemStack mainHandItem = playerIn.getMainHandItem();
      	// cannot resolve method

        return new ActionResult<ItemStack>(ActionResultType.SUCCESS, mainHandItem);


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general advice: hit ctrl+space after the dot (before the method name). you get a list of methods. how many take a single argument of type Hand and return nothing?


i'm guessing you're using old game version so we likely won't help you more.

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Thanks for the help - I was able to get it going with your advice.

In case any fellow 1.16.5 users see this, the following method was the replacement.


I really appreciate the kind response, despite the version no longer being supported!

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