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[1.9.2] weird custome grass slab behaveour ?


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i have to make 3 slabs for mi mod so i 

	public static final RegistryObject<Block> DIRT_SLAB = registerBlock("dirt_slab",
			() -> new SlabBlock(Block.Properties.copy(Blocks.DIRT)));
	public static final RegistryObject<Block> GRASS_SLAB = registerBlock("grass_slab",
			() -> new SlabBlock(Block.Properties.copy(Blocks.GRASS)));

	public static final RegistryObject<Block> GRAVEL_SLAB = registerBlock("gravel_slab",
			() -> new SlabBlock(Block.Properties.copy(Blocks.GRAVEL)));	

internally the 3 slabs point to the same 3 parent_model_slab json 

but the grass slab behave as she wants , the size is wrong and the size randomly change every time i put a newone  also the block dont have fisical boundaries i cannot step on it  


also happends when in slab double 

but the other the dirt one and the gravel one just behave normally as expected 



how i fix this 

also is posible to make the grass slab match the bioma color in an easy way i cannot make it work before this dark green texture match the most of forest biomas but not all and gonna looks weird on custome biomas 

thanks for your time 


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