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Xironite Towny Server {Java 1.19.2}


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On 9/14/2022 at 2:02 PM, Truongvv said:



Xironite is an interactive Towny server dedicated to keeping a close-knit community through hosting weekly events and listening to player feedback!

Our main feature is Towny! Towny gives our players a chance to work together and try to make the largest town by recruiting residents to help them. If competition is more your speed, you can compete against other towns in a variety of contests! You can create the largest town with the best buildings with your friends or dominate the economy and skill leaderboards! 

Additionally, we have moved forward towards becoming a Network, where we feature a Creative server. Our new Creative server is perfect for building freely with friends, sketching out builds, and planning your town layout in advance!

Xironite also adds numerous features to Survival, making it feel fresh once again. We are able to accomplish this with classes & professions, custom textures, custom enchants, custom weapons & tools, custom bosses & mobs, dungeons, custom Iris world, and so much more! Xironite has plenty to keep you busy by catering to all of your entertainment needs in Minecraft. On top of all that, our player rank perks and other donor store related items can be earned in-game through playtime and resource gathering. No need to pay to win!

Xironite is constantly evolving based on player feedback and ideas from our amazing management. Join now today and don’t miss out on our next event!


How to Join?

Join now using our IP:



Notable Features

Custom Bosses & Mobs



Crates & Lootbags

Consistent Events

Robust Anti-Cheat


Player Economy


Friendly & Active Community

Custom Enchants

Custom Tools & Armor

Custom Iris World

Classes & Professions

PyroMining & PyroFishing

Player Feedback & Suggestions

Custom Textures

...and much more!


Social Media Outlets







Wonderful server, even better server members. As someone who has never played a towny and had loads of questions on how towny servers work they mass majority of the players willing answered all my questions and went beyond the question to make sure I fully understood the topic of my questions. Thanks to everyone that has helped me, are helping and will help on this server.

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