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Entity only has shadow


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I've created a mod with custom blocks and items and their textures render without issue. However, I've created a subclass of EntityAnimal and used a model generated with Techne as well as the appropriate Render subclass. When I create an instance of my Entity, I only see it's shadow, here it's sounds, etc. Running in debug, I also see that it's render class is being used as the following method is called:


protected ResourceLocation func_110775_a(Entity par1Entity) {
    new ResourceLocation("mymod:textures/entities/custom.png");


In pre-init, I'm doing:


                new RenderCustom(new ModelCustom(), 0.3f));


In initialization, I'm doing this:


    public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event) {
                "custom", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(),
        EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityCustom.class, "custom", 1, this, 80, 3, true);
                EntityCustom.class, 20, 1, 5, EnumCreatureType.creature,
        LanguageRegistry.instance().addStringLocalization("entity.custom.name", "Custom");        



I also see this in the logs though I see it even without my custom entity:


2013-08-25 14:13:47 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] ########## GL ERROR ##########
2013-08-25 14:13:47 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] @ Post startup
2013-08-25 14:13:47 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] 1281: Invalid value


Not sure what to try next.

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Thanks for the reply but why? Isn't this needed? When I remove, my entity is completely invisible and doesn't have a shadow ... and I see one of these in the logs for each instance of my entity:


2013-08-25 21:03:25 [WARNING] [Minecraft-Server] Skipping Entity with id custom

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It is not needed, and is wrong anyway. Your entity is EntityCustom, not Entity.


Also, move

                new RenderCustom(new ModelCustom(), 0.3f));

after the entity registration, and run it only on client side.

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Sorry, it is actually EntityCustom.class in my code - I tried to sanitize the class name before posting.


So if that call to registerGlobalEntityID isn't needed, I imagine that I'll need to set it's egg colors another way? Shouldn't that method be deprecated if it shouldn't be used? In any case, commenting registerGlobalEntityID out only seems to have the effect of causing the entity shadows to not be drawn - even after moving the call to registerEntityRenderingHandler after the entity registration.


Thanks again for the help.

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