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Forge 1.18.2 weird crashing for absolute no reason sinds November 24 (com.electronwill.nightconfig.core.io.WritingException)


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It's already 2 days I'm trying to fix this issue.

I already asked for help but I didn't help me so i'm retrying with new info.

I'm using Windows version 22H2, Build 22621.819, I use forge 1.18.2-40.1.80 and I'm not using a cracked client.

Here are the logs of all my CurseForge App profiles here are two of them :

latest.log - 'Crafted' - Only performance mods.

latest.log - 'Crafted 2.0' - My modpack with all mods worked totally normaly before November 24 I didn't updated or changed anything on the modpack

Even a computer restart, or disabling windows defender it didn't worked, so I tought it was something I installed so I opened a restore point before November 24 and the crash happend again on all my profiles. So I reinstalled my whole system and It still crashes! 

How to reproduce
(Im not sure at all it's pretty random)

Install forge 1.18.2 whatever version (I tested the recommended and latest, I didn't tested on other mc version)

Install whatever mod

Start you're game, If it doesn't crash delete the config folder or install another mod and restart after 2-5 tries and it crashes.

More info
Once it crashes it will crash forever even deleting the config folder won't fix it again. and yes reinstalling forge doesn't fix it too. I tried on my laptop but it runs windows 10 without a crash happends

My computer specs :

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core

RAM : 16GB

GPU : GTX 1650 


It everything I found out, if someone has suggestions of what's happening here it will be great help! 

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An other thing, the only mod that I tried where I wasn't able to reproduce the bug was Rubidium (Sodium fork for forge) and I only tested with 47 mods listed down here : 



Alternate Current (by SpaceWalkerRS)

FastSuite (by Shadows_of_Fire)

AI Improvements (by QueenOfMissiles)

Bow Infinity Fix (Forge/Fabric) (by Parker8283)

It Shall Not Tick (ISNT) (by Gaz_)

TexTrue's Rubidium Options (by TexTrue)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Mods (by Kaworru)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Player Protection / Child Mode (by Kaworru)

Log Begone (by AzureDoomC)

Fastload (by FluffyBumblebe3)

Get It Together, Drops! (by bl4ckscor3)

Fast Leaf Decay (by olafskiii)

Max Health Fix (by DarkhaxDev)

Better Rubidium Video Settings Button (by TexTrue)

Starlight (Forge) (by Spottedstar)

Ksyxis (by VidTu)

Better Biome Blend (by FionaTheMortal)

Magnesium/Rubidium Extras (by TeamDeusVult)

Item Stitching Fix (by cy4sh0t)

Radon (by Asek3)

Fixed Anvil Repair Cost (Forge) (by Serilum)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Spawn (by Kaworru)

Saturn (by AbdElAziz333)

Magnesium/Rubidium Dynamic Lights (by TeamDeusVult)

Pluto (by AbdElAziz333)

FerriteCore (Forge) (by malte0811)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Gamerules (by Kaworru)

FastFurnace (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Canary (by AbdElAziz333)

Rubidium (by Asek3)

Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks (Bundle) (by Kaworru)

FixMySpawnR (by AbsolemJackdaw)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Items (by Kaworru)

Server Performance - Smooth Chunk Save[Forge/Fabric] (by someaddon)

Fix Experience Bug (now with FABRIC and FORGE versions) (by MacTso)

Too Fast (by Noobanidus)

Suggestion Provider Fix (by HarleyOConnor)

Clumps (by Jaredlll08)

Collective (Forge) (by Serilum)

Rubidium Extra (by dimadencep)

Smooth Boot (Reloaded) (by AbdElAziz333)

Better Fps - Render Distance[Forge] (by someaddon)

FastWorkbench (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Core (by Kaworru)

Entity Collision FPS Fix (by Corgi_Taco)

Entity Culling Fabric/Forge (by tr9zw)


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