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NBT Tag Help (Fetching it Client / Server Side)


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Alright, so I'm working on my mod and trying to launch a player in a certain direction. That works. However, I am only doing it when a player clicks and if they have an ability "selected". This simply checks if an ability is bound to their current slot. It is a bit complex, but I'll supply the necessary code.


My problem: I want to check if the player has an Ability Bound. If they do, it runs a certain block of code.


Here is the code that I want to run:

public void onUpdate(LivingUpdateEvent e) {
	if (e.entity instanceof EntityPlayer) {
		EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) e.entity;
		if (BendingPlayerTracker.benders.get(player.username) == Element.Chi) {
			if (BendingMethods.knowsMove(player, Ability.HighJump) && BendingMethods.isAbilitySelected(player, Ability.HighJump)) {
				if (player.swingProgress == 0.8333333F) {
					while (BendingMethods.isAbilitySelected(player, Ability.HighJump)) {
						double motionX = 1.0 * (double) (-MathHelper.sin(player.rotationYaw/ 180.0F * (float) Math.PI)* MathHelper.cos(player.rotationPitch / 180.0F* (float) Math.PI));
						double motionZ = 1.0 * (double) (MathHelper.cos(player.rotationYaw	/ 180.0F * (float) Math.PI)* MathHelper.cos(player.rotationPitch / 180.0F* (float) Math.PI));
						double motionY = 1.0 * (double) (-MathHelper.sin((player.rotationPitch)/ 180.0F * (float) Math.PI) );
						player.motionX = motionX;
						player.motionZ = motionZ;
						player.motionY = motionY;


Everything in that chunk works except for BendingMethods.isAbilitySelected. It returns true 50% of the time, and false the other 50%. I added debug messages to get this. The Abilities and the slots they are on are stored server side. Here is the code for that:


public static boolean isAbilitySelected(EntityPlayer player, Ability ability) {
	NBTTagCompound nbt = player.getEntityData().getCompoundTag(player.PERSISTED_NBT_TAG);
	int slot = player.inventory.currentItem + 1;
	if (nbt.getString("BendingSlot" + slot) != null && nbt.getString("BendingSlot" + slot).equals(ability.toString())) {
		return true;

	return false;


The ability selected returns true if it is run on server side I believe. When I run a command, it returns true, etc. Anyway, I think the reason it is returning true 50% of the time is because it checks if it is client side and server side (with server side returning true and client side false). Now, the player motion is client side. How do I get these to work nicely together. I can assure you that the slot is bound correctly, as I've used it plenty of times before. My problem only comes up when I'm trying to use the player.motion methods.


Huge thanks in advance.

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