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[1.12.2] How to fix transparence caused by modeled block?


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  Hi, I'm a beginner at modding. This is the first time I ask.

  Yesterday, I made a modeled block using Blockbench. Struggling, I could make the block completely, but at the bottom of the block, the ground became transparent... (Please check the image from my git repository: https://github.com/Makochaaan/minecraft_modding/blob/main/2022-12-25_00.26.13.png )

  Then, what should I do to fix that situation? Should edit my model using Blockbench? Should revise JSON file? Or should add any method on Java source codes?  I could not find any sources to solve it... :( 


Here is my environment:

OS: Windows

IDE: IntelliJ Community 

Minecraft: version 1.12.2 forge


And here is directries related to the block:

java/com/loremaster/tutorialmod/blocks/ChurchBenchL.java (Adding any information of the block)

java/com/loremaster/tutorialmod/init/ModBlocks.java (materialising the block)

resources/assets/tm/(blockstates and models/block)/church_bench_l.json (as you know)


I look forward to your advice )

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