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[SOLVED] Enchantment applies to everything in the game?


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I have made a custom enchantment (of which all behavior is handled separately). I want this item to only apply to my own custom item.

I have tried to use different methods, including overriding the "canEnchant" and "canApplyAtEnchantingTable" methods and such, but somehow that ends up not letting me enchant anything

When I fall back to trying to use the custom EnchantmentCategory, that's when it lets me enchant the custom item... and everything else in the game.

My enchantment code:

public class SpaciousEnchantment extends Enchantment {
    public static final EnchantmentCategory ENCH_BACKPACK=EnchantmentCategory.create("backpack_enchants", (i) -> i==BackpackMod.ITEM_BACKPACK.get());

    public SpaciousEnchantment() {
        super(Rarity.VERY_RARE, ENCH_BACKPACK, new EquipmentSlot[]{});

    public static int rowsPerLevel(int level) {
        if (level==1) return 2;
        if (level==2) return 4;
        if (level==3) return 6;
        return 1;

    //we override isCurse and the getFullName methods so we can make this un-removable but have a custom color.
    public boolean isCurse() {return true;}

    public Component getFullname(int pLevel) {
        MutableComponent mutablecomponent = Component.translatable(this.getDescriptionId());

        if (pLevel != 1 || this.getMaxLevel() != 1) {
            mutablecomponent.append(" ").append(Component.translatable("enchantment.level." + pLevel));

        return mutablecomponent;

    public boolean isTreasureOnly() {return true;}
    public boolean isTradeable() {return false;}
    public boolean isDiscoverable() {return false;}

    public int getMaxLevel() {return 3;}

I suspected the issue was the EquipmentSlot stuff, but I tried making it {EquipmentSlot.MAINHAND, EquipmentSlot.OFFHAND} and that changed absolutely nothing either, allowing every item in the game to be enchanted.

EDIT: I even tried the "canApplyAtEnchantingTable" method in the item class itself and again, nothing changed (since that only affects the item itself, not every other item). i have no idea why it wont work.

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I did though, and it doesn't seem to be working. It's right at the top of my code.


EDIT: cleaned up my IDE's cache, that fixed it. guess it was something behind the scenes with compilation.

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