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How do you make plants grow on custom blocks?


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I've made a custom dirt/grass block and I've made a custom BlockFlower class and in that I've added my custom dirt/grass block to

    protected boolean canThisPlantGrowOnThisBlockID(int par1)


but the plant still doesn't grow on it


I THINK it has something to do with


   public boolean canBlockStay(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4)
        Block soil = blocksList[par1World.getBlockId(par2, par3 - 1, par4)];
        return (par1World.getFullBlockLightValue(par2, par3, par4) >= 8 || par1World.canBlockSeeTheSky(par2, par3, par4)) && 
                (soil != null && soil.canSustainPlant(par1World, par2, par3 - 1, par4, ForgeDirection.UP, this));


I've checked the vanilla grass block and there's nothing in there that it uses to enable plants to grow on it, so I know it's all contained within the flower class and I'm relatively certain that it's something to do with the above code, but I don't know what I'm supposed to change or how I'm supposed to change it.


Can anyone help?

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In which you mean I need to look in the Block.class file, find the "canSustainPlant" method and make my own?


okay, then how do I call it in the canBlockStay method?

or, how can I create a new EnumPlantType so that I can avoid having to make my own canSustainPlant and just add my custom dirt/grass to the already existing list?

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i tried this some time ago, i came to the point where you need to create your own plant type and for that you need a list and the list has to be connected to a block file or something i cant exactly remember but i do remember it was to convoluted or i was just too dumb to make it work, so if you have any luck i would be interested to know how you do it :)


Look at sugar cane, and how all the methods linked to whether the black can stay on the current block and look through the  connected classes and areas and what information needs to be given in these methods. thats how i looked at it anyway.



Use examples, i have aspergers.

Examples make sense to me.

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