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Server crash 60 second tick

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I've just set up a server and I used the mod chunky to pre-generate the world while I went to bed, but woke up to the server having crashed. I would like to get the server somewhat stable before I invite my friends on to start playing. I'm hoping someone can help me interpret the log to figure out what caused the crash and how to prevent it. Thanks in advance.

Crash report: https://pastebin.com/ej1Sh3X4

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It seems to be that it took too long to tick when saving the chunks. Unfortunately, this could be from a number of different things or even a combination of them, so it's unlikely to determine which mod(s) are at fault. I would recommend using a profiler like spark to figure out which mod is causing the large backup and then removing it, repeating the process until the serve is stable for a time period. Of course, you should start a new world each time to reproduce base conditions.

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