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Displaying textures inside the world


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Hello, I have a question. I plan to start working on a mod that adds some weather improvements. I don't have much experience, so I want to gather as much information as possible to avoid problems in the future.
Well, I'm wondering about a good way to display certain things to the player. Let's start with, for example, clouds. I want to make a lot of changes here, including direction of movement (like wind), dynamics, color depending on weather, etc. What is the best way to do this? I'm thinking of doing it via particle, but maybe there are better ways out.
A similar situation occurs with rain. I plan to make it dynamically dependent on the wind. Then what method should I use?
I will be grateful for any tips and advice. I will add that I am interested in 1.19.3.

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You can use net.minecraftforge.client.ICloudRenderHandler to modify cloud rendering and net.minecraftforge.client.IWeatherRenderHandler to modify rain and snow.

You might want to look up examples and usages for more information because I cannot be of any more help here.

I'm not good at modding, but at least I can read a crash report (well enough). That's something, right?

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