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So I made a mod...


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It's not a very good mod. In fact its not even original. By that, I don't mean that i hacked ideas off of other more popular mods and their authors - i mean i ripped it right from Mojang :P


K, So, I have a mod pack I run called AutoTech, its s hybrid modpack that originally set out to replace Tekkit / Technic after we updated to 1.3.x - I stayed on top of keeping things updated until 1.4.7. The worst thing happened then... EloraM stopped updating RedPower :( - Epic Sadness --


Because I am not experenced enough to attempt to recreate some of Red Power's functionality, I opted for the lazy route. a Mod that adds blocks from 1.5.x and 1.6.x to MC 1.4.7

That is:

- Redstone Block

- Coal Block

- Charcoal Block (because it was easy enough to toss in)

- Hardened Clay

- Stained Clay (with exact crafting recipes from vanilla)

- Quartz Blocks (pillars mimic vanilla behavior)

- Quartz Ore (Does not generate yet - working on that)

- Quartz Stairs

- Quartz Half Slabs (does not yet stack into a single block on TODO list)

- Haybale (with exact behavior of vanilla)


// Additional Features:

- Coal and Charcoal blocks can be used as a furnace fuel for exactly 9 times the fuel of a single piece of coal. No gain or loss just convenience.




- add NetherQuartz World Gen

- get half slabs to combine into a single block - double slab

- Haybales need to have a crafting recipe

- not all quartz related blocks have a crafting recipe.


This mod does not add horses, and adding horses is beyond both the scope of my intent, and skill. (Use Dr. Zark's Mo' Creatures)

width=800 height=428http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm23/Keepsedge/2013-09-10_043236.png[/img]


I'm not making the mod available until i have polished it up a bit. (Wrap up world gen / recipes at least). But I'd like to know what the general community feel is about this. I know that 1.4.7 is old, and we're already on snapshots sending us toward 1.7. - At point of release, i would not restrict the mods usage, as I don't feel its my place to do so. Really I'm only adding functionality that would have been added anyway. And aside from the time, I can't really claim ownership. So The mod would be freely distributed for all modpacks, public and private, feed the beast, technic, whatever.


I guess the question I want answered is, "am I wasting my time?"

-- Keep



Sorry posted in the wrong forum - my intent was to discuss the usefulness of a mod developed for a quickly aging version of MC, not so much the mod I made.[/edit]

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