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[1.19] How to override vanilla enchantments?


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Hello. I'm currently updating my mod to 1.19 and have trouble with overriding vanilla enchantments by registering my own enchantment with the same ResourceLocation as the vanilla one. Previously I was using

    public static void registerEnchantments(Register<Enchantment> event) {
        // overwriting of vanilla enchantments
        ElementalCombat.LOGGER.info("Expected overrides");
                new ElementalResistanceEnchantment(ElementalResistanceEnchantment.Type.FIRE).setRegistryName(Enchantments.FIRE_PROTECTION.getRegistryName()));
            .register(new StyleResistanceEnchantment(StyleResistanceEnchantment.Type.PROJECTILE)
                new StyleResistanceEnchantment(StyleResistanceEnchantment.Type.EXPLOSION).setRegistryName(Enchantments.BLAST_PROTECTION.getRegistryName()));

but apparently this event was removed. I found the a general RegisterEvent class, but I'm not sure how to properly use it. Also the method Enchantment#getRegistryName from the vanilla class seems to be removed, so I won't get the correct ResourceLocation from it anymore... Can someone help me please?

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Nevermind. Someone on discord helped me out.

The Solution is to use a DerefferdRegister, that uses the minecraft namespace

    public static final DeferredRegister<Enchantment> VANILLA_ENCHANTMENTS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.ENCHANTMENTS, "minecraft");
    public static final RegistryObject<Enchantment> FIRE_PROTECTION = VANILLA_ENCHANTMENTS.register("fire_protection",
        () -> new ElementalResistanceEnchantment(ElementalResistanceEnchantment.Type.FIRE));
    public static final RegistryObject<Enchantment> PROJECTILE_PROTECTION = VANILLA_ENCHANTMENTS.register("projectile_protection",
        () -> new StyleResistanceEnchantment(StyleResistanceEnchantment.Type.PROJECTILE));
    public static final RegistryObject<Enchantment> BLAST_PROTECTION = VANILLA_ENCHANTMENTS.register("blast_protection",
        () -> new StyleResistanceEnchantment(StyleResistanceEnchantment.Type.EXPLOSION));


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