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  1. Hey all, A little bit of context first: I'm trying to implement the Materia system from Final Fantasy 7. Basically the player can equip and combine items, that can result in some effect. I already have the effects in place (Each effect is a class which implements certain interfaces, that I defined previously), but now I would like to have some sort of 'crafting' system for the effects. I need a mapping, that maps up to 4 items to an effect. Short example to clear things up: I have the FireMateria and the AreaMateria. Equipping the FireMateria on a pick will result in an autosmelt, while
  2. I did not know that and I will try it. Thanks for the reply!
  3. I've posted my question already, but I still don't know what to do. I have a mod finished (lets call it mod A), which I want to distribute via mavenCentral so other devs can use its API. Before I upload the jar I would like to test it locally with another mod (mod B). Thats why I have this in the build.gradle file of mod B: dependencies { minecraft "net.minecraftforge:forge:${version_forge}" implementation fg.deobf(files('C:/Minecraft Modding/ElementalCombat/build/libs/elementalcombat-forge-1.16.5-1.1.1.jar')) } This will import the jar into the project succesfully. However
  4. You are completly right. Swapping Block to GlazedTerracottaBlock fixed the problem (No need to create a new Block type, since the block should behave excatly like the terracotta block anyway). Thank you!
  5. You are right. I forgot to revert it back (I was testing, if minecraft:block/stone was working, which it was not. I had the same problem: itemstack is looking fine (display a stone block), but the actual block was missing its texture). I changed the namespace to elementalcombat_weaponry, which should be the correct one. Sadly the issue with the texture persist.
  6. Hey, Indescriptive title aside I currently need help with 2 things. The first one is most likely something easy to fix and I'm just to stupid right now. I got the famous black-purple texture displayed as my block texture, but the block itemstack is showing the correct texture tho. Here are the blockstate and model file: My second problem is about the build.gradle file. I finished another mod, which is a library mod. Before I try to upload it to Maven Central, I would like to test it first by importing it into my test project. Since I got the jar locally I added implementation
  7. Ah okay. I knew, it must be something simple, that I overlooked. Texture will be changed anyway. I just threw some stuff together, but thanks for the heads up anyway.
  8. Hello. I want to render a small texture for a HUD. I currently have this for testing prupose: @SubscribeEvent public static void displayData(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post event) { if(event.getType().equals(RenderGameOverlayEvent.ElementType.ALL)) { Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getInstance(); MatrixStack matrixStack = event.getMatrixStack(); mc.getTextureManager().bindTexture(new ResourceLocation("elementalcombat", "textures/icons/fire.png")); matrixStack.push(); matrixStack.scale(0.1F, 0.1F, 0.1F); mc.ingameGUI.blit(matrixStack, 0, 0, 0, 0, 256, 256); matrix
  9. ah okay. I will see, what will work best for me.
  10. Now you lost me. Where am I supposed to lazily initialise the values? In AttackData, in AttackDataCapability or somewhere complelty different?
  11. Okay, got it. I think, I can use the AttackDataAPI and DefenseDataAPI classes for this, because I (and anyone else) should always use these to interact with my capabilities.Or would this be bad practice? Thank you for your help anyway
  12. https://github.com/Tavi007/ElementalCombat you have to look in api/attack or api/defense for the capability
  13. Ah, so whenever I craft an item, the values, that were set in attachCapability will be overriden by the desirialized cpability from the old stack (which was an air item). That explains the bug. I could change the constructor of my capabilities to use ItemStack and then read from my Map<ResourceLocation, DataFromJson> in there, but I don't see, how this will solve the bug.
  14. Hmm, I already thought, that it would work like this. I guess, that the itemstack in the result slot gets created as an air item. Therefor the attachCapability event gets triggered with an air item and the default default values will be used. So what happens with the result stack, when I place the last iron ingot for crafting an iron sword and the result slot gets updated? And how could I detect that exact moment?
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