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Unable to download and install MDK, please help!!


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I am attempting to get started modding Minecraft and am following the steps listed in the documentation here. The problem is during step 2: Obtain the Mod Development Kit (MDK) from Forge. When I start the installer, it asks me what App I want to use to open the .jar file with (?). If I select either "Java Platform SE" or "OpenJDK Platform", it will ask me where to extract the files to, however after extracting none of the files are present in the folder I selected; even though it tells me extraction was successful. Alternatively, if I select to open the file in IntelliJ, it won't even ask me where I want to extract the files to but immediately fails instead; giving the error: "Forge installer is unsupported". What gives?


OS: Windows 11 version 22H2

IDE: IntelliJ IDEA Community version 2022.2

Java: JDK version 17.0.5

I really am hoping this is a technical issue; though I have a sinking feeling that the reason may be because I'm not allowed to develop this type of thing for free. Please tell me these issues aren't because I'm required to pay a subscription fee to Oracle for a developer license and/or pay for IntelliJ Ultimate...

UPDATE: Ticket closed. Many thanks @gorberto. Indeed the documentation could certainly be clearer about that...though I kinda hoped I had gotten somewhat fluent in documentese by now lol

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Issue resolved
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The documentation could be clearer. You're supposed to click on the Mdk button (bottom button to the right of the installer button). This will download a zipped directory containing the source code to get started.

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